What happened to Henrik Ibsen?Pilot project for waterflooding

Investigation report on Alexander L Kielland

person by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The commission of inquiry into the wreck of the Alexander L Kielland flotel submitted its report on 4 April 1981. It was sharply critical of most of those who had been involved with this unit ever since it lay on the drawing board.
— ”Alexander L. Kielland”. Photo: Unknown/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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According to the commission, the direct cause was poor welding of a flange plate for the hydrophone on the D bracing. Overloading also led to fatigue cracking in several bracings on the D column which eventually tore off.

The rig capsized because it was not designed with sufficient stability when one of the five columns had been lost. Because doors were kept open it also took on water when it listed, which left it unable to remain afloat.

What happened to Henrik Ibsen?Pilot project for waterflooding
Published 20. June 2019   •   Updated 25. March 2020
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