Eldfisk 2/7 A

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This was installed in 1975 as a combined production, drilling and accommodation facility.

Brief facts:
  • Installed 1975
  • On stream 8 August 1979
  • Wellhead platform
  • Also known as Eldfisk Alpha
— Eldfisk 2/7 A. Photo: Husmo Foto/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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Located in 68 metres of water, the Eldfisk reservoir lies about 16 kilometres south of the Ekofisk Complex. Five platforms are located on the field – 2/7 A, 2/7 B, 2/7 FTP, 2/7 E and 2/7 S.

The Embla 2/7 D facility is tied back to 2/7 S by a flowline, and the combined output from the two fields is piped away – originally to Ekofisk 2/4 R, and then from 1998 to Ekofisk 2/4 J.

In 1982, the accommodation module on 2/7 A was replaced with the aid of the D/B Odin derrick barge. The Safe Concordia flotel provided accommodation during this operation.

The new accommodation module provides 112 beds in double cabins and comprises six stories compared with four in the earlier structure.

NAPM at Vlissingen in the Netherlands built the 2/7 A jacket (support structure), while the module support frame (MSF) came from Weldit.

Eldfisk 2/7 A was the first installation in the North Sea to be fitted with a Safedeck helideck, built by Oil Industry Services in Kristiansand and placed on the new accommodation module at Stord Verft. It features a newly developed fire extinguishing system.

The mobile modular Rig 66 drilling facility was shipped to Eldfisk in the spring of 1999, with the two main modules installed on 2/7 A by Saipem 7000 and commissioned.

This unit spudded its first well on the field in 1999 and remained in use until 2011. The rig was then disassembled and taken ashore in 2018.

The platform was converted in 2015 to a pure wellhead platform. It is connected by a bridge to Eldfisk 2/7 FTP. Wellstreams from 30 wells are comingled in three flowlines and piped away for processing, originally to Eldfisk 2/7 FTP and since 2015 to Eldfisk 2/7 S.

Published 24. November 2017   •   Updated 25. October 2019
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