Eldfisk 2/7 FTP

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This field terminal platform processed production from Eldfisk 2/7 A and Embla 2/7 D, but was converted in 2015 to support bridges to 2/7 A and Eldfisk 2/7 E.
Brief facts:
  • Installed summer 1976
  • Water depth at installation 71.6 metres
  • On stream 8 August 1979
  • Shut down in 2015 and converted to a bridge support
  • FTP stands for field terminal platform
— Eldfisk 2/7 FTP. Photo: Husmo Foto/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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Located in 68 metres of water, the Eldfisk reservoir lies about 16 kilometres south of the Ekofisk Complex. Five platforms are located on the field – 2/7 A, 2/7 B, 2/7 FTP, 2/7 E and 2/7 S.

The Embla 2/7 D facility is tied back to 2/7 S by a flowline, and the combined output from the two fields is piped away – originally to Ekofisk 2/4 R, and then to Ekofisk 2/4 J from 1998.

Oil and gas were received on 2/7 FTP via a bridge from 2/7 A. While the oil was piped to Ekofisk, the gas had to pass through a compressor to increase its pressure and a glycol facility for dehydration before pipeline transport to Ekofisk.

The steel jacket (support structure) was fabricated by UIE at St Wandrille in France, while the topsides came from Dragados y Construcciones in Spain.

Eldfisk 2/7 S took over 2/7 FTP’s functions in 2015 when the latter was converted to a bridge support.

Published 24. August 2017   •   Updated 1. October 2019
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