Ekofisk 2/4 G

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This was a riser platform where pipelines from the Valhall field were tied into Ekofisk.
Brief facts:
  • Installed in 1981
  • Riser platform for transport of oil and gas from Valhall
  • Operational 1 October 1982
  • Ceased operation 1998
  • Removed 2014-16
  • Also known as Ekofisk Golf, Amoco Riser, Valhall Riser or Valhall RP
— Ekofisk 2/4 G. Photo: Husmo Foto/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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It was linked to the Ekofisk 2/4 T tank by a bridge with piping systems.


he bridge and module support frame (MSF) for 2/4 G were built at Aker Verdal. Heerema/Seaway was the main contractor for the steel jacket (support structure), and DeGroot secured the job of fabricating it. The platform was installed in 1981 and became operational the following year.

Valhall was developed in 70 metres of water with platforms for drilling, production/compression and accommodation. Two 20-inch pipelines, for oil and gas respectively, were laid to 2/4 G, with the oil piped on via the Ekofisk Complex to Teesside in the UK and the gas to Emden in Germany.

A new 24-kilometre gas pipeline was laid directly from Valhall to the Ekofisk-Emden pipeline in 1998 as part of the Ekofisk II redevelopment. The Valhall oil pipeline was tied to Ekofisk 2/4 J via a new eight-kilometre spool piece on the existing pipeline.

These changes meant 2/4 G became redundant and it ceased to operate in 1998. The bridge to 2/4 T was removed in 2014, with the topsides and jacket taken away two years later.

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Published 24. January 2019   •   Updated 24. October 2019
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