Pilot project for waterfloodingSAR helicopter stationed on Ekofisk

First wedding on Ekofisk

person by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The honour of being the first couple to marry on the field fell to Marie Grøntvedt, nurse on Ekofisk 2/4 H, and Carl Fredrik Larsen, an operator on 2/4 T. Both worked for Phillips.
— Marie Grøntvedt and Carl Fredrik Larsengot married at the Ekofisk center. Photo from Ekofisk News Brief, August, 1981.
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Completed just after 19.00 on 15 June 1981, the ceremony took place in the cinema in front of 120 invited guests, workmates and journalists.

The wedding was a little out of the ordinary, with both priest and guests arriving by helicopter wearing survival suits. But the administration, and not least the galley staff, did all they could to create the right setting for the happy event – which naturally attracted great attention in the mass media.[REMOVE]Fotnote: Ekofisk News, 01.09.1981

Pilot project for waterfloodingSAR helicopter stationed on Ekofisk
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