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Removing light structures in 2007

person by Finn Harald Sandberg, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Four removal projects were pursued with light structures in the GEA during the summer of 2007, starting in June with the removal of flare stack, bridge and bridge supports from Albuskjell 1/6 A.
— The crane vessel, Thialf in action. Photo: Kjetil Alsvik/ConocoPhillips
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This job utilised the Hermod crane vessel, which had a lifting capacity of 8 100 tonnes and more than 250 people working on board.

That was followed by the removal of the flare stack, bridges and bridge supports from the sister platform, Albuskjell 2/4 F.

The next job was at the Ekofisk Complex, where the northern flare stack with associated bridge supports and bridges on the north side of Ekofisk 2/4 R were removed.

Finally came the light structures on the Cod 7/11 A platform. All the steel from these removal operations was transported by barge to AF Decom’s yard at Vats.[REMOVE]Fotnote: Nordsjø-Pioner, no 5, “Fjerning av lette strukturer”, ConocoPhillips, June 2007.

Safe to flyHurricane prompts evacuation
Published 17. September 2019   •   Updated 17. September 2019
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