First NGL to TeessideEldfisk 2/7 B on stream

Eldfisk 2/7 A and 2/7 FTP on stream

person by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The Eldfisk reservoir lies in 68 metres of water about 16 kilometres south of the Ekofisk Complex.
— The flare is lit on Eldfisk. Photo: Husmo Photo/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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It was developed with a total of five platforms. Four – Eldfisk 2/7 A, 2/7 B, 2/7 FTP and 2/7 E – are tied together by bridges to form the Eldfisk Complex. The fifth, Embla 2/7 D, is located about six kilometres north-west of the Eldfisk centre.

A combined drilling, production and accommodation unit, 2/7 A came on stream in August 1979. It was linked by bridge to 2/7 FTP, where all oil and gas processing took place and which came on stream in the same month.

The 2/7 D platform, which produces the Embla field, was tied back to 2/7 FTP by pipeline. Oil and gas from Eldfisk and Embla have been piped to Ekofisk 2/4 R from 1979-98, and to 2/4 J from 1998.



First NGL to TeessideEldfisk 2/7 B on stream
Published 19. June 2019   •   Updated 19. June 2019
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