New heat recovery system on Eldfisk 2/7 ELifting campaign reaches its goal

Field operator of the year

person By Björn Lindberg, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
ConocoPhillips was named operator of the year for 2013 on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) by the Rystad Energy consultancy on the basis of its efforts to counter declining production.
— From left: Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Rystad Energy, Kurt Fredheim and Robert Skrede, both ConocoPhillips, and Jo Husebye, Rystad Energy. Photo. Rystad Energy
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Known as Gullkronen (gold crown), this award is presented in nine categories to companies, teams or individuals who have shown an outstanding commitment on the NCS. 

Rystad is responsible for selecting the winners in collaboration with the industry. The jury’s citation for ConocoPhillips said in part: 

“The operator of the year has combated declining production by drilling more wells. Recent investment decisions have meant a significant increase in reserves and producing life for the field, and more new projects are under way. 

“The jury is impressed with the operator’s commitment to the field and its [enhanced oil recovery] EOR project, as reflected in major investment decisions and more rigs.” 

Kurt Fredheim and Robert Skrede accepted the award on behalf of the company at a ceremony in Oslo on 6 February 2013. 

 From left: Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Rystad Energy, Kurt Fredheim and Robert Skrede, both ConocoPhillips, and Jo Husebye, Rystad Energy. 

New heat recovery system on Eldfisk 2/7 ELifting campaign reaches its goal
Published 16. September 2019   •   Updated 10. October 2019
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