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New heat recovery system on Eldfisk 2/7 E

person by Gunleiv Hadland, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
A new waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) was installed on Eldfisk 2/7 E during 2013 in order to deliver electricity to the platforms in the Eldfisk Complex.
— New waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) lifted up to Eldfisk 2/7 E, August 2013. Photo: Woldcam/ConocoPhillips
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This facility was also intended to function as the future main source of power for the complex.[REMOVE]Fotnote: Pionér, no 5, “Eldfisk: Gjenvunnet varme gir kraft”, 2014: 7. A back-up gas turbine or a diesel generator can be used to supplement or replace its output.

Such heat recovery helps to cut CO2 emissions and gas consumption as well as reducing cost related to electricity generation.

Residual heat is used from five gas turbines on the platform, which would otherwise be wasted. These turbines drive water injection pumps and a gas compressor.

The WHRU directs high-temperature steam under high pressure into a turbine which drives an electric generator.[REMOVE]Fotnote: Pionér, no 4, “Gjenvunnet varme blir til kraftforsyning”, 2015: 3.

More heavy liftingField operator of the year
Published 4. October 2019   •   Updated 10. October 2019
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