Sexual harassment reduced on EkofiskSAR team in action

New platform removal season

person by Finn Harald Sandberg, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Removal activity on Ekofisk in the 2011 summer season began as early as mid-April, when the Thialf crane vessel set off for the field from the Åmøy Fjord near Stavanger.
— Thialf at Tungenes. Photo: Hanne Sirnes/ConocoPhillips
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Work kicked off with making safe on Cod 7/11 A. The next platform in line was Edda 2/7 C, where a big and complex topsides was to be removed.

historie, 2011, ny sesong med plattformfjerning,
The heavy lifting vessel, Thialf. Photo: Kjetil Alsvik/ConocoPhillips

Thialf has to make two round trips to the environmental recycling base which had been established at Vats north of Stavanger, carrying modules weighing a total of 11 000 tonnes.

This was followed by removal of the topsides on West Ekofisk 2/4 D before attention turned to Albuskjell 2/4 F, where the jacket was removed. Because of its size, this structure was split horizontally into two sections before transport to land.

Thialf was at work until mid-August, making a total of six round trips to the Vats facility which added up in weight terms to about 25 000 tonnes.[REMOVE]Fotnote: Pioner no 2, 2011.

Sexual harassment reduced on EkofiskSAR team in action
Published 18. September 2019   •   Updated 20. October 2019
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