Norpipe 36/22 A

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This platform stood in 81 metres of water in the British sector of the North Sea to serve as a pumping station on the 34-inch Norpipe pipeline carrying oil from Ekofisk 2/4 P to Teesside in the UK via Norpipe 37/4 A. Installed in 1974, it became operational in 1975.
Brief facts:
  • Pumping station on oil pipeline to Teesside
  • Installed in 1974
  • Operational in 1975
  • Shut down in 1994
  • Removed during 2009-2010
— The booster platform 36/22 A, giving the Teesside oil a boost through the pipeline. Photo: ConocoPhillips/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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Operational in October 1975, the 350-kilometre oil pipeline from Ekofisk to the terminal at Teesside was originally provided with two pumping stations – Norpipe 37/4 A and 36/22 A – to maintain pressure. Both have since been disconnected and removed.

The steel jacket (support structure) and module support frame (MSF) for 36/22 A were fabricated in France by UIE at Cherbourg and St Wandrille respectively.

Turbines on the platform operated only for two years until 1977, when new technology made it possible to pump oil directly from Ekofisk 2/4 P to Teesside.

The turbines were disconnected, but the pipeline still went up onto the platform before continuing to the UK. Crew were removed from 36/22 A in 1983, and the pipeline was re-laid to bypass the platform. Its topsides were removed in 2009 and its jacket in 2010.


Three GE (MS-3002J) two-stage axial turbines (11 800/14 400hp)
Three Bingham one-stage centrifugal pumps
Pigging equipment
Generator room with three Bergen Diesel generator sets, each 640KVA
Three-storey accommodation module with 31 beds – one single, nine double and three four-bed cabins
Helideck dimensioned for a Super Puma
Two B-E MK 60 cranes
Fire pumps and lifeboats

Water depth: 81 metres. Max height above sea level: 95 metres.

Total weight: about 9 750 tonnes.

Published 24. October 2016   •   Updated 2. October 2019
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