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Phillips announces giant discovery

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Phillips announced on 2 June 1970 that a giant oil discovery had been made on the Norwegian continental shelf - an elephant!
— The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet: "No doubt that we are becoming an oil nation" (02.06.1970) and "Huge amounts of oil in the Ekofisk field" (17.11.1970)
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On the basis of the third appraisal well, Britain’s Core Laboratories had concluded that Ekofisk contained 4 200-6 900 billion barrels of oil.

Of this, 15-22 per cent was considered to be commercially recoverable, with a daily oil production from each well of 8 000-10 000 barrels.

Seismic surveys indicated a number of promising geological structures near Ekofisk. Neptune 7 started drilling an exploration well on the West Ekofisk structure in August 1970, while Ocean Viking simultaneously began work in block 2/7 on Eldfisk.

In addition, the Phillips group participated in the Amoco/Noco group’s first wildcat on a structure which lay on the boundary between blocks 2/5 and 2/4 and had been dubbed Tor. Discoveries were eventually made in all these blocks.


Where does the Ekofisk name come from?Landing options
Published 23. May 2019   •   Updated 3. March 2020
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