First licensing roundOil base leased

Phillips opens Stavanger office

person by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Drilling superintendent Alfred Crump arrived in Stavanger on 6 November to establish base operations for Phillips. Operational management could not lie in Oslo, but had to be closer to the exploration sites off southern and western Norway.
— "The first oil explorer in place in Stavanger" From Stavanger Aftenblad 08.11.1965
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The oil explorers were well received in Stavanger. Both politicians and the business community were keen to develop new commercial activities in place of the canning sector. Once the town’s main industry, this was in sharp decline at the time.

Phillips opened a temporary office at Verksgaten in downtown Stavanger while starting the search for a base location. Several options were relevant, including Dusavik on Stavanger’s north side and Tananger in Sola local authority. The choice fell on the first of these, where shipowner Torolf Smedvig was the lessor.


First licensing roundOil base leased
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