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The offshore installation manager (OIM) is the person in overall charge of a facility. To cover the tour rotation system, each platform has three of them. A key part of their job is to ensure that operations are conducted within the safety parameters set by the operator and required by the regulator.
— Platform Manager Jan Aaserød. Photo: Husmo Foto/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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Much of an OIM’s day is devoted to meetings and information sharing. They usually work from 07.00 to 21.00-23.00, but the management team’s first meeting of the day begins even earlier with a review of events during the night and possible nonconformities.

The OIM then visits the drilling and well supervisor to check how production is doing, before attending the 08.00 morning meeting over the phone with management on land.

Lasting 10-60 minutes, this reviews health, safety and the environment (HSE), production results and possible deviations from established plans.

A break is taken at 10.00 in one of the platform’s coffee bars before a tour to follow up current activities and projects – which could range from maintenance in the production area to modernisation of the accommodation.

This time of the day is also used for necessary office work, such as responding to e-mails, before taking lunch – one of the main meals on board – at about 12.00.

Further meetings are held from 13.00 with production and maintenance supervisors to discuss organisation and management matters.

A meeting on parallel drilling and production (known as SBP from its Norwegian initials) takes place at 17.00 with supervisors and the head safety delegate.

This discusses the day’s HSE issues and the status of the work, and provides safety clearance for the following day’s activities.

The aim is to avoid jobs being pursued in parallel from conflicting with each other. With a high level of activity, good information and communication are important for safety.

Edda 2/7 C, yrker, plattformsjef,
Platform manager Arild Helle at Edda 2/7 C. Photo: Kjetil Alsvik/Norwegian Petroleum Museum

At 18.00, the OIM holds a “new on board” conversation with possible newly arrived personnel who have not served on the field before.

Dinner is taken at 19.00 and the working day finally ends for those on the day shift. But some office jobs could well remain for the OIM during the evening.

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