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Twentieth anniversary of Ekofisk discovery

person by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum
On 25 October 1989, it would be 20 years since Phillips Petroleum Company Norway discovered oil in the Ekofisk field. This anniversary had to be commemorated.
— Statsraad Lehmkuhl passing the Ekofisk center. Photo: Husmo Foto/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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The big highlight of the celebrations was a series of banquets held over four Saturdays at the Stavanger Forum showground, which assembled a total of 4 600 guests.

These commemorative events were officially opened on Friday 6 October when CEO Mike McConnell inaugurated the Offshore Corner at the Tananger base. Equipment from jacking up the Ekofisk installations formed the main element in a display there.

The following day, Arne Rettedal, then chair of Rogaland county council, opened an anniversary exhibition in Stavanger’s cultural centre presenting the history of Ekofisk.

That included the first well, the oil discovery, developing the field, the transport systems, jacking up the Ekofisk Complex and finally installing breakwater around the tank. A total of 5 000 people visited the show over the four weeks it was open.

But the celebrations had already jumped the gun on 15 September, when the Staatsrad Lehmkuhl sail training vessel set off from Stavanger with 150 guests on board on a voyage of commemoration.

In beautiful weather, this vessel called first at the Ekofisk Complex before laying a course for Emden, where a sail excursion was organised for terminal staff with their families.

Sausages, mineral water and ice cream were provided, with entertainment for the children. And a party was held on board that evening. The cruise continued to Teesside, where a similar programme was laid on.

Celebrations ended with a concert at the Stavanger Concert Hall for almost 600 guests from industry, business, political bodies and government. The city’s symphony orchestra with choir performed both Norwegian and American classics.

Breakwater in placeFatal work accident
Published 24. June 2019   •   Updated 24. June 2019
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