The Million Club

person by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum
When you managed to cause a shutdown of the whole field, you joined the Million Club, recalls Asbjørn Stensen, who headed a team overhauling turbines on Eldfisk 2/7 A.
— Tor Hindrumsen checks the control panel in the control room at Albuskjell 1/6 A. Photo: Jan A. Tjemsland/Norwegian Oil Museum
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Membership of this exclusive association was limited to those who managed to make a mistake which cost at least NOK 1 million, he explains.

“I remember making one of those. I was working on the turbines as usual, and somebody else was giving me a hell of a time. So I responded by throwing a hard hat at him – but he sidestepped and I hit the unshielded emergency turbine stop instead.

“The other turbines failed to pick up the load, and one after the other went off line until so little electricity was being generated that the whole Ekofisk Complex shut down.

“We then strolled calmly and collectedly out of the turbine room and said nothing. The people round about were extremely puzzled over what had happened.”

Stensen relates another story from Eldfisk. “We were busy painting on that field when a series of shutdowns occurred. I located the cause –­ the painter was pulling out the shutdown buttons on the platform, painting behind them and put them back.

“All traces thereby vanished, because the plugs were in their right place. So the painter caused a series of stoppages without realising that they were his fault.”

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Published 4. July 2019   •   Updated 4. July 2019
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